Need help with Project Northstar/Data I/O System-19/ADM, Terminals (dwight elvey)

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Mon Dec 20 22:50:36 CST 2010


> On 12/18/2010 03:45 PM, melamy at wrote:
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> >> Turns out that the Problem is that the Data I/O System-19 I am using doesn't want to load the Hex file as INTEL. It will only load a File if it is flagged as BINARY and that doesn't give a proper code Image. I am trying to get a fellow to see if his System-19 will load the file and burn the 2708 Properly then I can get mine Fixed I HOPE.
> >> I also have been Re-Erasing the EPROMs as I go along.
> >> Bob
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 What is the command sequence that you are using with the Data IO Sys-19
to get it to understand Intel Hex?

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