Uncommon: Intel Paragon on iOffer

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Tue Dec 21 22:16:16 CST 2010

n 12/20/2010 4:38 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Something you don't see every day:
> http://www.ioffer.com/i/intel-paragon-super-computer-180057571
> --Chuck

The Paragon (and Delta before it - I was much more familiar with the
Delta) represented the pinnacle in ultra-GFlop multiprocessing of the
early 90's especially for "embarassingly parallelizable" code.
If the compiler could make your code run and your problem fit into
the memory space of a node, wow, the Delta was astonishingly kick-ass
compared to anything else out there at the time.
That said, it does not strike me as an especially "something to be
run at home" machine. Those who want to do this at home are already doing
BOINC with machines 2 decades newer or they have their own Beowulf cluster.
This is the fickle world of parallel supercomputing.

I think CHM has/had a nice Paragon on display and I recall seeing the
cabinets and prominent nameplate of the Touchstone Delta.


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