Uncommon: Intel Paragon on iOffer

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The i860 was in:

Stardent Vistra
AT&T 3d PC accelerator card for TOPAS

both failed in the marketplace, this was the year of the 25MHz Compaq that was almost as fast, at least running TOPAS.  I think the Vistra held on for a bit with Weitek vector processor supporting it.  Stardent (Kubota Computer Graphics) was the largest computer failure and bankruptcy at the time, late 80s.

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> > > Personally I always thought the i860 was far from a stumble, because in
> > > fact it was the highest MFlops/dollar and MFlops/watt for a considerable
> > > length of time and used in a number of high-horsepower applications
> > > in the real world.
> > 
> > And Intel sure sold quite a few i860s. I would bet that most i860s
> > ended up as coprocessor cards in PeeCees, where they did one task and
> > did not run into the dreaded pipeline flush context switch problem.
> I know I've seen i860s in graphics boards. I think one of the NeXTs used
> them as well.
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