C64-C128 CP-M Cartridge Interest

allison ajp166 at verizon.net
Sat Dec 25 08:16:46 CST 2010

On 12/25/2010 07:16 AM, Tony Duell wrote:
>> It's too bad that nobody brought up CP/M on the Kyoceras (Radio Shack
>> model 100, Nec 8200, etc).  THAT would have been a project.
> I think a lot of people (including myself, amazingly) tended to use the
> built-in software of the M100, so no reall need for CP/M.
> It probably wouldn't be that big a modification (the main part being
> re-mappling the memory so there's RAM at location 0 -- in fact a
> programmable invesion of A15 would do it). But you'd only have 32K RAM
> and an 8085 processor which would limit what you could run.

Exactly.  Mine is modded to 64K ram, 32K "boot disk"
and a 16mb CF for main store.

80% of the software out there is 8080.  Those few that are not
are often available in source form and can be patched if needed.

>> Or on the Epson RC20!
> The Epson TF20 (floppy drive for the HX20, PX4, PX8, etc) contains a Z80
> and 64K RAM. Oh, and a boot ROM that is mapped out after booting. I have
> never analyhsed the system disk in detail, but I have a feeling this
> thing runs CP/M internally.
The PX-8  is a CP/M system based on Rom and Ram disk with
hooks for external extension for both greater rom/ram disk or
the floppy device.


> -tony

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