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Sounds interesting - on which classic computers do these "shows" run?

Rod Smallwood

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On 12/22/2010 1:07 PM, David Greelish wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> If you have never checked out any of the shows that I produce, please
consider checking one or more out over the holidays. I just posted the new
Retro Computing Roundtable podcast today. Find it here - with links to the others at the top of the page.
I just got around to listening today.  That was marvelous, thanks very much.
Merry Christmas to all,
Charlie C.

> There is also - "Stan Veit's History of the Personal Computer" audiobook
podcast&  the Classic Computing Show video podcast.
> I'm like the Leo Laporte of computer history podcasts! Well, OK, so I'm
not as professional, and I don't have the years of radio and television
experience, nor the equipment, or the money . . . OK, OK, I stink compared
to Leo, I'm nothing like him! ; )
> They're good shows.
> Have a great holiday season.
> Best,
> David Greelish, Computer Historian
> Classic Computing
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> Classic Computing Blog
> Classic Computing Show video podcast
> "Stan Veit's History of the Personal Computer" audiobook podcast
> Retro Computing Roundtable podcast
> Historical Computer Society
> Classic Computing Expo 1.0 - planning for sometime late 2011!

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