HP drives

Geoffrey Reed geoffr at zipcon.net
Wed Dec 29 18:02:37 CST 2010

On 12/29/10 10:48 AM, "Tony Duell" <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>> On 28 Dec 2010 at 16:52, Geoffrey Reed wrote:
>>> ISTR:  the 8" drives at least as used in tandy computers formatted out
>>> to 77 tracks....
>> That's standard for all 8" drives--and it's "cylinders", please! 8"
>> drives can be double-sided with 2 tracks per cylinder.
> I thought that at least the earlier Tandy 8" machines had single-head
> drives, in which case'track' == 'cylinder'.
> I can't rememebr which machine it was, but one machine with 5.25" drives
> claimed to have '80 track' drives. What they actually were were 40
> cylinder, 2 head drives. So technically they did have 80 tracks, but it
> caused a lot of confusion at the time.
> -tony

I really miss my tandy 16 and 6000.  Had the whole house set up (when I was
younger) with terminals off my tandy xenix machines, plus a modem on one of
them so we could pull newsgroups :)

And the 2's that had SS drives, called them tracks. So it was habit also
IIRC, when you formatted the disks the trsdos and CP/M called them tracks,
(it has been a LONG time since I've had any tandy 2,12,16 or 6000 in my
posession so that it is foggy memory here.)

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