3B2 questions

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 23:43:39 CST 2010

Well, I now have a 3B2/310 that will power up and talk to a serial terminal. I have two hard drives, but neither one works - one makes horrible squealing noises, the other only makes annoying squealing noises... I really need the Devtools floppy to boot and format hard drives, so I can install another disk. I did manage to track down a disk image of a diagnostic disk, containing FILLEDT, but I can't get it to run the program from disk, it hits a firmware error. This might be intended for some other 3B2. I also found the SCSI tools disk, which only formats SCSI hard drives. I need the Devtools floppy intended for the MFM drives. Does anyone have a disk image of this floppy, preferably in ImageDisk format?



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