DOS FTP server testing needed

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at
Fri Dec 31 11:04:57 CST 2010

On 12/31/2010 10:20 AM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> For the past few days I've been testing an FTP server.
> You need to get a gopher server up and running. Not only is the protocol
> ridiculously simple, it completes the retrocomputing circle to use
> "obsolete" hardware with an "obsolete" protocol. :)
> I connected to the FTP server and I'm rather impressed with its performance.
> Maintainer of (founded as in 1999),

Somehow I missed the Gopher phase.  I went from FTP and Telnet as an 
undergrad (1989-1992) straight to a dark basement in IBM, and did not 
emerge again until 1995 or 1996.  By then we were dabbling with HTTP.

As for the PCjr, it seems to be happy at the moment.  I won't know if I 
screwed up anything until I read the debug log.  I have some warning 
messages for unusual situations that I look for - if anything else goes 
wrong I have to try to reconstruct the situation.

A big part of the process isn't getting the TCP/IP code correct, but 
learning how to program in this environment.  Buffer space is limited 
and most events are asynchronous.  The programming environment is pretty 
barren - the lack of threading would probably be the most jarring 
limitation for a programmer used to current systems.  That means keeping 
a lot of state per connection, constantly polling, and avoiding 
operations that can block for a long time.

Gopher and HTTP will probably be easier now that I have got most of the 
techniques down.  Gopher is possible.  HTTP probably is not worth doing. 
  Besides the novelty of it, HTTP isn't practical on hardware like this. 
  FTP client and server is somewhat useful, and I need an FTP server so 
that I can do online maintenance for a telnet BBS that I'll finish in 
another 5 years.


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