TRS-80 Model II/12/16

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 31 15:01:40 CST 2010

> On 31 Dec 2010 at 13:05, Eric Smith wrote:
> > The design (originally from SMS) was somewhat unconventional compared
> > to other microprocessors of the time, but it made great "brains" for
> > things that needed to be fast.
> Perhaps with some of the support chips, it might get to "idiot" 
> level, but believe me, programming one was an exercise in minimalism. 
> Basically a move architecture, with one conditional and one 
> unconditional jump instruction

>From what Iv;e seen, probamming the 8X305 was rather like writing 

A lot of designed (the WD1001 in my 3rd party hard disk for the Model 
3/4 is one such) used the 8X305 as a sequencer. The cotnrol store was 
wider than the the 16 bits used by said processor, and the extra bits 
were decodded and used to directly control hardware. This made it rather 
diffenrt to most other microcontrollers


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