Poly8813 on ebay

dwight elvey dkelvey at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 2 19:17:59 CST 2010

 I thought I'd mention that there is a Poly 8813 ( actually a 8812 )
on ebay. One of the pictures shows me with a working machine
but the machine on ebay is not my machine ( although it might
be thought as being mine ). It is one of the two machine that mine
was one of that is mentioned on one of the web pages and serial
 The working state of the one on the web is unknown to me.
I would be willing to help, anyone that buys the machine, to
bring it to life. I can provide a boot disk, disk images and even help
diagnose problems.
 I think his asking price is a little high but he seems to be open
to offers as well.

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