Free for pickup

Daniel Snyder ddsnyder at
Wed Feb 3 19:19:43 CST 2010


They are yours.. just post a note to the fellow citizens of Classic 

I'm in no rush as the weather is going to be bad for a bit longer. Maybe
some Saturday at Walmart.

The Model 80 is stuffed as the other were, I will have to open it up.
I found another video capture card, still in the anti static bag (Tecmar)

I did use the model 80 for AB PLC dev and surfing the net at one time..


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> Any interesting cards in the model 80? Looks like it has a nice cdrom and 
> bezel installed.
> When do you need the stuff gone by anyway? I was hoping to snag them at 
> the Wallmart we meet at when the weather is decent if that is ok?
> Of the list the Model 80, Model 70 (486), and the PS/2 TV would be cool.

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