cctech Digest, Vol 78, Issue 3

Geoffrey Reed geoffr at
Sun Feb 7 18:00:57 CST 2010

On 2/7/10 10:23 AM, "Tony Duell" <ard at> wrote:

> Also, unless I missed something, Windows isn't free. I I doubt that if I
> found a junked PC that happeend to have a runnable copy of Windows on the
> hard drivce the ntat would count as a valid Windows license. I don't
> particulalry care for Windows, or any Microsoft product for that matter,
> but that doesn't give me the right to pirate them.
> -tony

It depends on the system actually, and the user :) for example, OEM's (dell,
HP, etc) the OS is licensed to a particular machine, that is why when you
purchase a Dell or HP pc, the windows activation key/cd key is affixed to
the system.  According to what MS states also, once you install Win XP,
Vista, Win7, 98, 95, etc you are supposed to affix the cd-key/activation key
label to that machine and use it on no other machine, even if you replace
the machine they want you to buy a new windows license for that new machine.

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