Anyone with 8" drives , UK ?

Rob robert at
Tue Feb 9 03:59:46 CST 2010

Hi All.

I've been quiet for far too long on this list.  Had set myself to
no-mail because of lack of time....  back now.

Recently, I've been setting up to try and remember
and resurrect as much of the old BT Prestel and other period viewdata
systems as I can.

(For those who don't know, viewdata was a 1970s British Post Office
(Later British Telecom) invention that allowed subscribers to access
news, information, email, downloadable software, chatlines, etc etc.
All in a 40x25 display with colour and block graphics.  It was big in
the 1980s, and gone by 1994... Minitel in france was a derivation, and
apart from some specialist closed-access applications, about the only
example that survives.)

anyway... I've found somebody that has an archive of their pages from
Prestel, and we'd both liketo get them up on the site.  The snag, for
me, is that a lot of it is on 8" discs, from a Technologics(?) system.
 The photographs of the discs I have seen show them labelled as 48tpi,
soft sectored.

The positive point is that he still has the original computer, but
"it's not been switched on for 20 years" so I'm hesitant on telling
him to try it...!

So. Is there anybody in the UK (Birmingham or Manchester areas) that
has facilities to read 8" discs and drop the contents (straight sector
by sector image would be fine if it's not in a common format) onto
some more modern media?  Or someone who knows about old Technologics
machines (I'd not heard of it before.) and can check this one out..

Failing all that.. anybody got a spare drive that I might be able to
link up to a machine I do have?  (PCs and Acorn machines).

Thanks in advance!


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