Algol vs Fortran was RE: VHDL vs Verilog

Ray Arachelian ray at
Thu Feb 11 13:00:41 CST 2010

Ian King wrote:
> This is probably why I rarely get involved in debates about programming languages - unless the subject is COBOL, which I think is an abomination, 
One of my IM statuses is this "Learning COBOL is like seeing a plush
Cthulhu and petting it before you sign up for the class, but when you
get there, you actually meet the real thing, in the flesh, awakened and

Nope, I didn't listen, I thought "Nah, couldn't be THAT bad."  Boy was I
wrong.  :-)

> or Java, which is something you drink, not code in.  -- Ian 
Or a place to visit.

I've recently taken a liking to Lua.  Pretty decent for what it is. 
Nice and small too.  Though I've not done anything with Smalltalk, I do
like it, though coming from C, I do find the syntax a bit weird.

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