Separating a Vax 11/780 from it's peripheral cabinet...

Ian King IanK at
Sat Feb 13 01:28:51 CST 2010

You hit the size on the head, 1/4-20.  There are three ribbon cables and one small Molex connector.  I recommend labeling the ribbon cables as you remove them (if they aren't already), or you're going to be tracing through a rat's maze to get them right again.  -- Ian 
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> Good to know it's as straightforward as it should be. This is one of those "Haven't seen it yet, but we are gonna need to figure out how it comes apart..." kind of questions. I'll see if I can find the installation manual.

So bring a socket set. They look 1/4-20 or thereabouts. There is
probably a cable we will also need to deal with, that connects the VAX
to the MAP.


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