VAX graphics

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Feb 17 12:27:18 CST 2010

> I've never seen, nor heard of anything but white phosphor VT100s.

Many years ago I saw a VT100 with what was cal;ed a 'retrographics board' 
fitted. This was a third-party add-on that connected to various 
connectors on the normal VT100 logic board and which gave (for the time) 
high resolution graphics. (No, I don't mean a VT105 board, this thing 
allowed to you to set or clear each pixel). 

Anyway, I seem to rememeb this unit had a green phosphor CRT in it. It 
was almost caetainly not DEC-original, it was probably changed when the 
retrographics boar dwas fitted.

As I've said before, these monochrome CRTs are pretty generic. And I 
rember seeing adverts in Byte for replacement green or amber phospor CRTs 
for various machines. It's very possible that some VT100s were modified.


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