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Subject: Re: Solderless breadboarding (and 68010 vs 68000)
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>> [1] The local pound shop (a similar concept to dollar stores) was selling
>> a camping lamp with 24 white LEDs for a pound.

>I'd buy that for a pound!  (and repurpose it, as you have).



Check your local Dollar store; I just happen to have a couple of those 
24 LED lamps in front of me at this very moment that cost $1.50 ea.
(modding and putting them under the kitchen cabinets).

Lots of neat stuff in Dollar stores; amazing that they can sell a solar 
powered/battery backed scientific calculator for $1.00 these days, esp.
considering shipping and several middlemen also making a profit...

Button cells 5/$1, $7 ea. at the Shack...


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