Tubes & Computers of Olden Days

jim s jws at
Mon Feb 22 06:44:30 CST 2010

John Bohne r has both a Univac-3 and an LGP 30 (and a half).  Neither 
run right now, but were "decomissioned" and collected complete from the 

Univac3 photos are linked to at end of this article:

I'd rather not have my web site in the google crawl of this article, so 
apologize for the extra step.  U3 has tube tape drives, but was a mix of 
transistor, and tubes.


On 2/17/2010 1:16 AM, Murray McCullough wrote:
> Hi,
>    Speaking of tubes, television variety or otherwise, does anyone know
> if there are any tube-based computers, large or small, still in
> existence?
> I saw parts of one a few years ago at the Computer History Museum in
> Silicon Valley but none that have approached a 'working' unit or
> sub-unit!
> Murray--

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