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> I think you were right, and I hope you will be again, but last thing I heard was there had been an incident and it was shut down awaiting a health and safety review. If my memory serves me right some twit reported the blown fuse had asbestos in it. I expect most of the steam boilers in the building do too. We've gone health and safety mad, but when I reported someone had fly tipped a load of asbestos on a country verge the council collected 75% of it and left the rest behind and now some of it has got driven over and is being pulverised into the mud.
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 While I don't deny that asbestos can be a health problem, I think that they have gone

overboard in not understanding in what forms it is dangerous to be around.

 I know of two counter examples:

1. When they used to use asbestos in brake linings for cars, people that

did brake repair showed no increase in asbestos caused deseases.

2. In California, there is a county, El Dorado I beleave, that has many exposed

vains of natural asbestos and large amounts of asbestos dust in the soils. It

also has little increase in asbestos related illness.

 What I'd like to know is what forms of asbestos are actually a hazard and

what forms are not.

 I had a friend whos father owned a Bear Brake Service. In the evening, he'd

come home covered in brake dust ( this was before asbestos was generally

known to cause problems ). He lived to be over 80.

  I do wish they could find out exactly what it is that is the problem.

We have so over reacted here. There are other materials almost as

bad if not worse. Fine glass dust kills many that work in the lense and

mirror making fields. They don't get canser but they are dead, just the same.


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