TRS-80 bootable media request

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Feb 26 13:59:44 CST 2010

> For machine language on TRS80, look at TBUG, and Allen Gelder's
> enhancements thereto.
> For assembly, look at Roy Soltoff's assembler
> For disk sector work, look at Superzap from NEWDOS80.

I found Superutility (a self-booting disk on the M/M3, but I think it was 
a normal TRS-DOS program on the M4) to be very useful for this sort of 
thing. I still ahve my M4 sert up to run that. It will let you read/write 
any disk that the disk controller is physcially capable of handling.

> For disk viewing below the sector level, look at Roxton Baker's? TRAKCESS.
> For disk format conversion, look at Mike Gingel's programs

There was a program called TRScross (or something like that) to read/write
CP/M disks under TRS-DOS. Very useful...

And somewhere I have a program caleld BBCdisk to read/write BBC micro 
(Acorn DFS) disks.

> For spreadsheets: VISICALC (avail from RS)
> For wordprocessing, Michael Shrayer's ELECTRIC PENCIL and RS's SCRIPSIT

There were also other programming langages available. Pascal-80 was wuite 
nice (I don;t mean tiny pascal), and MMSforth.  I think RS sold Microsoft 
Fortran and Cobol.


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