Classilla 9.1 released

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Does Classilla support HTML5?

YouTube is currently pulling up a warning on every page I visit, stating
that my browser (Firefox will be unsupported after 13th March. I
suspect it won't be long after that that other mainstream sites follow suite
I don't own a Mac, just bringing this to your attention.

Andrew B
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> > > It's still technically off-topic (2002 is only 8 years ago), but for
> > > OS 8.6 and 9 users, I released Classilla 9.1 tonight, the most current
> > > version of the Mozilla-based web browser I maintain for the classic
> > > OS. It's still a work in progress, but I eat my own dogfood, and this
> > > tastes good enough to put in the can. (And belabour the metaphor.)
> > >
> > >
> >
> > I've been using it on occasion since you first mentioned it a few months
> > It is much better in rendering capability than the other old browsers I
> > here. I would like to use it more, but it seems to take quite a chunk of
> > memory, right from startup and maxes out my limited old machine. Is 9.1
> > better with regards to memory usage?
> 9.1 is about the same, but unfortunately it's probably going to be worse
> later versions. The reason is simply because Mozilla code tends to be
> about memory, and the increasing complexity of modern sites makes
> very unstable without a generous allocation. I am planning to adapt a
> JavaScript interpreter to the next version of Classilla, but that is going
> require quite a bit more stack overhead, and later layout requirements may
> be even fatter.
> Note that the allocation can be made out of virtual memory; you don't need
> have sufficient physical RAM (though it is strongly advised) if you have
> enough total addressing space, even if that space is virtual. For example,
> test and run Classilla on my beloved PowerBook 1400 by using RAM Doubler,
> it only has 60MB of physical RAM. Plus, RAM Doubler is much higher
> than Apple VM, but Apple Virtual Memory will also work.
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