OT: Old SAC film

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Sat Feb 27 21:55:48 CST 2010

Major Kong, I know you will think this is crazy, but I just got a message through the CRM-114.  It decodes as 'wing attack, plan R'

Goldie, did I hear you say wing attack, plan R?

Yes sir, that's how it decodes.

Now how many times have I told you boys, I don't want no messin' around on the aircraft.

I know sir, but thats how it decodes.

Theres gotta be something wrong.  Im comming back.

Better get confirmation from base.

Major Kong, message from base confirmed.  Do you think this is somne kind of loyalty test?

Aint nobody got the go code yet, and ol Ripper wouldn't be sending the go code unless Washington and a lotta other cities been clobbered.

Well boys, I guess this is it, nukular combat, toe to toe with the Ruskies.

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> Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 14:35:25 -0800
> Subject: OT:  Old SAC film
> Since "Wargames" wa mentioned, I thought I'd post this link to an old 
> PR film from the Strategic Air Command.  Only a brief shot of 
> computing gear on reel 1, but lots of teleprinters, teletypes and 
> comm consoles.  About 18 minutes long.  The first two of three reels 
> are of high quality; for some reason, the third one is not.
> http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/nukevault/ebb304/film03.htm
> Cheers,
> Chuck
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