Looking for Altair 680 monitor ROM image (or other simple 6800 software)

Josh Dersch derschjo at mail.msu.edu
Tue Jan 5 00:46:31 CST 2010

Decided to dust off an old software project -- at one point I was 
working on a Tektronix 4051 emulator, a machine based on the Motorola 
6800 CPU.

I've coded up a simple 6800 emulation & disassembler but I'm lacking 
some simple 6800 code to test out its accuracy on "real" code.  I'd like 
to put it through its paces on a simple piece of hardware before 
tackling the (mostly) undocumented quirks of the 4051.  (It's much 
easier to debug a hardware emulation when you're confident the CPU 
emulation isn't the culprit...) 

I thought the Altair 680 would be a good starting point but I can't for 
the life of me find any dumps of the monitor/VTL ROMs on the 'net.  
Anyone have any leads for these or other 680 software?


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