Tek 4404 documentation on eBay

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Mon Jan 4 23:22:46 CST 2010

In article <4B413171.6090405 at bitsavers.org>,
    Al Kossow <aek at bitsavers.org>  writes:

> Was curious if anyone on the list was the person who drove up the price of th
> 4404 schematics.

I see now that the owner "parted" everything out including unbundling
the manuals.

I thought about bidding on that, but I didn't realize it was a
complete system that was shotgun blasted all over ebay.  Oh well.

> I REALLY hate the fact you can no longer tell who you're bidding against.

Yeah.  And you can't contact the winner afterwards.  This whole
business of hiding all the ebay ids has essentially killed ebay as a
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