new non-x86 mobos

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Wed Jan 6 13:32:25 CST 2010

--- On Wed, 1/6/10, David Griffith <dgriffi at> wrote:
> A couple weeks ago I was grousing about there being nothing
> in the realm of non x86/amd64 motherboards.  I stumbled
> across something new while looking at the Minimig board: the
> X1000.  Its appears to be a multicore Power of some
> sort with ideas from the old Amiga machines mixed in. 
> See or if you don't want to play
> the hide-and-seek game.

I saw this too. And it's exactly the kind of thing I've been hoping for - but it also seems like another one of those vaporware products that's never going to exist in a purchasable form.

So, if it really does exist sometime in the near future, I'll buy one - but until then, I remain cautiously optimistic.


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