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>> Sorry, my fumble-fingers; it's a 6100/60.  Came with a 250MB SCSI
>> drive. Probably even slower than the 6200.
> It is, but not by much. Furthermore, in many ways the 6100 is the better
> engineered machine, and you can turn them into G3s (and even G4s, although
> I personally have not seen those upgrades).

I have two 6100's, I like the one with the DOS compatible logo and the 486 
PC card inside. Outside of the PC card novelty the early Nubus PPC is not 
too exciting other then the Radius 81/110 tower clone I have.

My 7100/66 has a G3-240? card in it, not exactly a speed demon. You need a 
good 8500 or so PCI Powermac to make a G3 add-on worth messing with.

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