Be careful handling computer racks

Doc Shipley doc at
Fri Jan 15 12:40:35 CST 2010

jim s wrote:
> Tony Duell wrote:
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>> Well, presumably she could have summoned help.
>> THis reminds me of a rule I don't think I've ever broken. If you are 
>> working on live high-voltaeg stuff, make sure there's somebody else 
>> with you who knows how to turn off the power and fetch help if you do 
>> connect yourself across the amins.
>> -tony
> I never work on anything w/o a cutoff that I completely control (know 
> who is in a house for instance, and where they are, and cut the power 
> with knowledge that they won't turn it back on on me) or where I can 
> padlock the  mains off.  Same goes for gas.  A fellow I know was  
> working on a furnace and someone turned on the gas on him because he had 
> not padlocked it.  Not fun.

   I was 30 feet off the floor working on a bridge crane once, and a 
laborer on the ground:

1) Removed the red flag tying the fuse-box closed**

2) Installed the 2 fuses I had removed from the crane circuit

3) Threw the crossbar switch, and

4) Walked back over to the control pendant and started moving the bridge 
down the shop.

   All without ever looking up, or apparently even removing his brain 
from his anus.

   I was VERY fortunate that I didn't have my hands anywhere near 
current or moving parts, but I was sitting on the edge of the bridge and 
damn near fell off when it started moving.

   The guy that did it was quite offended when I started throwing tools 
at him.

** There were 2 emergency stop buttons INSIDE that box, so I wasn't 
allowed to padlock it.  The silver lining to this incident was that my 
company finally agreed to move them out of the fuse box.


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