Be careful handling computer racks

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jan 15 14:36:30 CST 2010

> I never work on anything w/o a cutoff that I completely control (know 

Agreed. Having power suddenly come on when you're working on something is 
not at all pleasant.

For fixed wiring, I remove the appropriate fuse and keep it in my pocket. 
A switch can be 'accidentally' turned on. it's difficult to accifentally 
find the right sort of fuse carrier and insert it.

For electrical/electronic devices with a built-in mains lead, I've been 
known to remove the cartridge fuse from the plug , just in case some 
homicidal lunatic decides to plug it in while I'm working on the device.

The sort of things I work on are small enough that if there's a 
removeable mains lead (e.g. going into an IEC connector), I would notice 
somebody trying to plug one of those in when I was working on the instrument.

One other thing I won't do (and it has nothing to do with classic 
computers) is work under a car unless it is supported on proper axle 
stands or ramps (depending on whether I need to remove the wheels). No 
way will I get under a car on a jack only.

BTW, this doesn't contrdict my earlier statement that I consider some 
classic computers to be more caluable than I am. I have no intention of 
taking unnecsssary risks...


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