Be careful handling computer racks

Doc Shipley doc at
Fri Jan 15 16:36:29 CST 2010

Tony Duell wrote:
>>    I was 30 feet off the floor working on a bridge crane once, and a 
>> laborer on the ground:
>> 1) Removed the red flag tying the fuse-box closed**
>> 2) Installed the 2 fuses I had removed from the crane circuit
>> 3) Threw the crossbar switch, and
> One think I knew before I even went to school is that you _never_ turn on 
> an isolator switch unless you are darn sure it's safe for everyone if you 
> do so. Peirod.
>>    The guy that did it was quite offended when I started throwing tools 
>> at him.
> I think that idiot should have eneded up being supseded from the crane. 
> You can choose how you decide to do this :-)

   Actually, he got fired about 20 minutes later.  Not for trying to 
kill me, but for swearing at a supervisor....

   He ran to the foreman and told him "You need to fire that crazy 
mother****er!"  When the foreman asked why and he said "All I did was 
turn the bridge crane back on; I didn't know he was up there!" the boss 
told him he needed to get gone before I got down to floor level and took 
the matter to the front office.

   Turned out that they couldn't fire him for almost killing me, as 
throwing the switch on me wasn't an immediate termination offense, but 
saying "mother****er" to a supervisor was!


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