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> On Thu, 21 Jan 2010, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
>> I'm curious though, what software took advantage of the VSV11?
> I know support exists for RSX-11M+, but that is about all I know.
> I have one 3rd party PDP-11 video card, and while most likely have RSX-11M
> software for it, I lack the means to actually hook it up to anything (or
> anything to hook it up to).
> Zane

Yes, memories are coming back.
The 11/23+ to which the VSV11 was hooked up ran RSX-11M+.
Later I regretted giving the system away. I never got a copy of RSX-11M+.

The system also had a DEC-made joystick with 2 push buttons on top,
one at each side (left and right) of the joystick. I still have that 
but it is in bad shape. The covers over the push buttons are badly worn.
The VSV was connected to a heavy BARCO monitor (metal housing)
with R-G-B BNC connectors.
The system was used for typesetting and graphics design work in a
company that printed (offset press using ink) customer envelopes.

- Henk.

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