starting my relay computer project

Philip Belben philip at
Sat Jan 23 04:45:57 CST 2010

Randy Dawson wrote:

> After years and years of interest in this, way back to the sci am
> 'Ameteur Scientist' articles, I am beginning this project.
> I have a unique and amazing resource, I work for a semiconductor
> company in test engineering, and we use tons of those little TO-5
> Teledyne relays in our IC test boards.  I have scavenged >1000 or so
> for the project, so its not going to be a giant machine like Harry
> Porters:

Have you read "The Computer - My Life" by Konrad Zuse (New York: 
Springer Verlag, 1993.  ISBN 0-387-56453-5)?  Mostly historical / 
autobiographical, but some good technical bits on the evolution of relay 
logic as Zuse's designs got more mature.  Interesting how the number of 
relays per bit he needed in his adder circuit got less and less...


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