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I'm a self-avowed former Apple hater, so let me address some of the Apple hate below. ;)

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>There are tons of ipod/itunes and iphone issues abound (see ongoing Sherman Antitrust Act lawsuits, like slattery vs apple.  >This suit has been renamed, and I'm too lazy to find it).  If you've ever own an ipod, you know exactly what the problem is.  You >must use itunes to manage your ipod, and it only manages your ipod.  Want to just load mp3s onto your ipod without itunes? >You can't do it (w/o running 3rd party unsupported software that risks damaging the stability of your ipod). Every other mp3 >player sold(OK, I'm probably pushing my luck here) supports simply copying the .mp3s directly onto the player.  Proprietary >.AAC extensions, DRM issues, problems w/ corrupted ipods and getting music that you paid for off it. Moving/switching>/upgrading ipods.  Apple charging for removing drm, etc.

On the other hand, the combination of the iPod/iTunes system works remarkably well. And, my mother can use it without harassing me. From what I've seen personally, iTunes is at least as good or better than other iTunes-like stores.

As for lawsuits, this is to be expected. Biggest player in the field = biggest target.

>I was mainly talking about the hardware<---->OS locks.  According to the license agreement for OSX, you  must install OSX on >Apple Hardware.  If your apple hardware breaks, you have to buy more, expensive, apple hardware to replace it.  You are forced >to buy their hardware to upgrade.

So what? OS X development is supported by the hardware sales. Apple is not selling just a computer, they are selling a complete solution.

>I don't know about video cards, etc, but the pure number of hardware options available for Windows/Linux users simply kills any >mac offering.

This is probably true for anything short of a Mac Tower, which has expansion slots in it. Still need drivers of course.

>Isn't simply having much more choice about what hardware to use better than being given a smaller group to choose from?

I've seen my share of crappy white-box hardware and/or Windows PCs over the years. I bought a turn-key solution and so far does everything I require of it.

Nobody ever talks about all the good software you get with an Apple machine. I have yet to see anything that comes standard with a PC that approaches the quality of the iLife suite of software. Most of that software you get is trialware garbage, whereas the Apple stuff is fully functional. Not only that, I got Xcode with OS X, a full development suite. How much extra do I have to pay for Visual Studio on a Windows machine?

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