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> It occurs to me that OS/2 is one of the OSes I have yet to spend an  
> appreciable amount of time with that I keep meaning to (another  
> example being VMS...)

> Where would you guys suggest starting if I wanted to get a good feel  
> for it?  (what versions,  what hardware, what fun software to play  
> around with...)

> Heck, where would one get a legit copy of this these days?

Warp 4 (Warp 3 at a pinch) for the original, else you can by eComStation at

Warp turns up regularly at eBay

As far as hardware, it isn't too demanding and will run on most modern PC's
- drivers aren't such a big issue as there are generics available.

My Warp 4.52 box is a 233MHz Pentium with 64mb RAM and an 8gb drive - more
than sufficient for the task!

For software, go to Hobbes - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/

OS/2 still remains my one of my favourite OS's to this day.


Lance Lyon

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