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Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Tue Jan 26 13:25:28 CST 2010

On 1/26/10, Jim Brain <brain at> wrote:
> On 1/26/2010 12:54 PM, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> There were tricks one could perform with the 6502 since it had
>> alternating fetch and execute cycles, so by doing something else with
>> the bus during the right portion of the clock phase, you could design
>> a board to "do twice as much" at 1Mhz, but I don't think the 1541 did
>> that.
> He's probably thinking of the earlier IEEE drives.  Peddle designed them
> and tried to be very clever in the design.  They contained a 6502 and
> 6504 that shared the bus by running one on a (effectively) reversed
> clock.  THe 6502 got the bus for half a cycle, followed by the 6504, etc.

Most likely.  That is a slick design - saves on expensive dual-port memory.

> The 1541 (and some of the later IEEE drives) proved you didn't need that
> level of sophistication to operate a floppy disk mechanism.

There was also only a single drive mechanism to fiddle with in the
1541.  Design improvements aside, that may have helped shrink it down
to a single processor.

> It cost Peddle, too, Jack was furious at the cost and design lag of the
> IEEE drives.  I'm not sure Chuck ever fully recovered.

One thing I do remember is the story that some "damn connector" was in
short supply in the PET era and that part of the mandate from Jack was
that the next drive "better not use that".

I never heard for certain which exact connector it was - could have
been the IEEE-488 cable connector or the PCB connector - either way,
no cables or no boards means lost sales opportunities.


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