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I remember I was working for Entre Computer Centers as an on-site full 
time computer support engineer at Colgate Palmolive on Park Ave, across 
from the Waldof Astoria hotel.... we got in I think 3 of the first  Mac 
II's in New York.... there was only 1 huge problem with them, the only 
monitors that could be used on them were these new versions of Sony 
monitors, and they weren't fully available yet and it took like 7-10 
days before they arrived.   The 3 exec's that were getting the Mac 
II's... it was hilarious, they wanted the computer sooooooooooooooo bad, 
that even without monitors, they wanted them installed in their offices 
and those machines sat there for like over a week - monitorless until 
the Sony displays arrived...  I remember powering up the first Mac II 
and to see the Mac OS running in full GORGEOUS color was really 
breath-taking, ah the good old days when I used to actually get excited 
over technology...


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>> What was truly the ST's major flaw was its display, while obviously a 
>> huge improvement for its time of 85', once the Amiga and Apple Mac II 
>> computers hit the scene with far higher resolutions and deeper 
>> on-screen at the same time color palletes, the ST's really began to 
>> lag.    This was further compounded by the very slow introduction of 
>> upgrades to the Atari TOS, small incremental changes were made, while 
>> the Amiga OS and especially the Mac OS made large, noticable jumps in 
>> their features... this further hindered the ST's which quickly lost 
>> their polish and shine in the competing marketplace.
>> Curt
> The ST had that monochrome (cheap too at the time I think) 640x400 
> flicker free display perfect for doing work on. Mac II computers that 
> could do VGA resolutions were many times the price of an ST
> "The Macintosh II was designed by hardware engineers Michael Dhuey 
> (computer) and Brian Berkeley (monitor). A basic system with 20 Mb 
> drive and monitor cost about $5200, A complete color-capable system 
> could cost as much as $10,000 once the cost of the color monitor, 
> video card, hard disk, keyboard and RAM were added.."
> The ST was always priced for entry level users to compete against the 
> Mac line plus you could play games on it. They also had one of the 
> cheapest laser printers at the time (granted used the ST CPU to do the 
> real work).

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