Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Sun Jan 31 10:24:45 CST 2010

I loved working on Netframes - they were just sooooooooooo cool 
looking.   It was a bit of a pain to setup the SPX consoles in the 
beginning, but once you got the hang of it, they were great.

Yeah, I think you're right, Dell picked them up, essentially dropped 
most of the design, used a few pieces of the core architecture and did 
their Powerframe or Poweredge servers which were so cheaply made and so 
flimsy, you could never ever even move a live server on its casters, the 
box would shift and a board would also lose contact and the whole server 
would freeze up.


Al Hartman wrote:
> Back in the early 90's I worked for PC Technical Services in NYC. We sold and serviced Netframe systems. I became Netframe certified in 1990.
> Really nicely designed systems.
> I think they were bought by Dell at some point.
> Al

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