Classic Epson printer emulators

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Sun Jan 31 20:17:25 CST 2010

Tony Duell wrote:
> > Dave McGuire wrote:
> > For bonus points: heat and light make it fade quicker. Leave a
> > thermal-print receipt on a windowsill on the 1st of the month and it'll
> > be blank by the end of the month. Leave it on or near a radiator and
> > it'll go completely black within a few minutes.
> It's not generally realsied that themral printouts fade with time. I was
> chatting to somebody from a major museum and he didn't realise the
> historically-significant calculator printouts needed to be copied _NOW_.
> > There are also significant chemical compatibility issues. Most notably,
> > applying a strip of Sellotape to a thermal-printed slip/receipt causes
> Pehaps I've been lucky,but I've not had any prolems sticking down HP
> calculator printouts with 3M 'magic tape' onto a piece of plain paper to
> make them easier to copy.

I thought the fading issue was quite commonly realised, esp. if you're the type
that hangs on to receipts.
On the other hand, I have dozens of printouts from high school in 1976, from
the printer for a HP9830 computer/calculator, taped to sheets and bound in a
folder, all of which are completely legible, very slight fading, except for
some corners under 3M tape which have faded completely.

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