(OT) Laserjet III laser scanner module

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Fri Jul 2 14:52:22 CDT 2010

On 02/07/10 20:26, Tony Duell wrote:
> My expeirence in getting parts for camcorders suggests that CCDs and
> human eyes are equally difficult to obtain and replace -- that is almost
> impossible ;-)

It's even more fun trying to get datasheets for them :)

What I really want is a Cypress LUPA-300 (CYIL1SM0300AA) high-speed B&W 
image sensor. 250FPS in full-frame mode, more in windowed mode. Using a 
256x256 frame size, you can push it to over 1000 frames per second...

It's a shame they cost ~£280 plus VAT each.

My evil plan was to mate one to an EEV P8079HP image intensifier and an 
Olympus OM-Zuiko 50mm f1.8 "kit" lens. Homebrew high-speed imaging 
system, anyone? :)

> That is problably sensible. I've said many times that hte 3 parts of me
> that I depend on are my vision, my hands, and my brain. Most other things
> (legs, hearing, etc) I could maange without

Oh $DEITY, don't take my hearing!
Seriously, I couldn't live without my MP3 player and a hard drive full 
of music. Rock, pop, country, 70s to present day.

"It's all good... except the stuff that isn't"

But if I had to pick three things I could keep? I'd agree with you, Tony.

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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