(OT) Laserjet III laser scanner module

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 3 14:16:34 CDT 2010

> > Yes, of course you're replacing the laser, so you have to
> > re-focus/colimate the beam.
> I have to refocus / re-collimate it anyway... I'm ripping a laser diode 
> out of a PlayStation3 laser sled and will probably be installing it in 
> an Aixiz heatsink. Should be a good bit of fun. Polymorph should be good 
> for making up the mounting bracket.

I am not sure how rigid polymorph is, personally I'd rather machine a 
metal bracket...

>  > Fortunately when I was assembly the CX
> > scanner, I on;y had to make sure the beak was going in the right places...
> Indeed. The laser assembly on the SX and CX seems to be a 'blob' sitting 
> on one side of the scanner, with a fixed focus lens tied in.

It's a bit harder than that (at least on the CX). The laser mount and 
lens mount are 2 separate parts, one has a convex (spherical) face, the 
other concabe. There are a couple of screws to lock them toeghter, but 
you have enough movement to be able to direct the beam by shifting the 
laser mount. And of course I had to do that. 

But the complete assembly will come off and go back with no problems.
> > When I have a chance I;ll dig out what schematics I have of the CX and SX
> > engines and get copies to you...
> No hurry. I've got a weekend of finishing assignment work ahead of me... 

OK, but remind me if I don;t make a comment fairly soon...


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