Conecting new printer to a 286

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at
Mon Jul 5 16:07:52 CDT 2010

On 05/07/2010 21:22, Tony Duell wrote:
>> What was even more fun was transferring files TO a machine with no real
>> connectivity (a Merganthaler from hell).  Box of solenoids on the
>> keyboard!
> If the keyboard is a seperate unit and internally encoded (that is, it
> sends character codes or keycodes on a parallel or serial interface) it
> may not be too hard to make another machine pretend to be that keyboard.
> If it's just a matrix of switches, it mau be a little harder if you need
> to be able to press several keys at once.

Microcontroler and a crosspoint switch IC such as the MT8816, is what I 
used to solve this problem when interfacing a PS/2 keyboard to a retro 
machine (Acorn Atom , BBC etc). Then it's just a matter of the software 
on the microcontroler, mind you do have to keep the character rate down 
so that the target system can keep up, after all most people can't type 
at 2K/s :) :) :)



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