Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Wed Jul 14 09:29:13 CDT 2010

I have fixed some of the bugs in a program which runs under RT-11 
(obviously using the
PDP-11 instruction set - since actual DEC PDP-11 hardware can be 
replaced by either
other compatible hardware on an emulator such as SIMH or E11).

The bugs were causing problems when the program was run under VBGEXE, 
when the program was run as a system job.

The requirements for the changes and additions to the RT-11 code have 
been determined.

However, the same program is expected to run under RSTS/E (using SWITCH 
TSX-Plus (which is fully compatible) and RTEM-11.  It is this last 
expectation for which I
have been unable to find any documentation, let alone any ability to 
test the program.  Does
anyone who is reading this know where there might be documentation 
available concerning
how RTEM-11 handles RT-11 EMT requests?  In addition, does anyone know 
of any
systems currently running which support RTEM-11 features which allow 
RT-11 programs
to run in that environment?  My assumption is that VMS on a VAX 
supported RTEM-11
at some point, but perhaps (if I am correct) the RTEM-11 support was not 
continued with
more recent versions of VMS on the VAX and most definitely VMS on the 
Alpha.  Can
anyone comment on these questions?

Jerome Fine

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