regarding Datamaster's and such

Philip Belben philip at
Fri Jul 16 12:10:09 CDT 2010

I've just been catching up on Classiccmp, and I found this discussion.

I'd never heard of a 5324 before either, but from the number I guessed 
it was a System/23 (my Datamaster is a 5322).

I have the 5322 service manual.  It's not particularly useful, but you 
may find it of benefit.  If you'd like it I'll try and scan it at work 
next week.

> So, is the basic in ROM? Do I have to have a system disk to get this 
> thing to work?

Yes, BASIC is in ROM.  Quite a big basic - I think there's about 128K of 
ROM in this beast!

IIRC you don't need a system disk.  But it fails power on diagnostics if 
the printer isn't plugged into it and switched on.



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