17" CRT - Worth Keeping?

Teo Zenios teoz at neo.rr.com
Mon Jul 19 16:49:46 CDT 2010

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>> Fixing CRT monitors is not my specialty to be honest, and I have a NEC 
>> 3Ds
> It's not my _sepciality_, but sometimes I have to do it :-). Seriously,
> as I've said before, I feel that not knowing how to do something that I
> want to do is a good enough reason to teach myself how to do it, no
> matter how long it takes.
Sure sometimes you have to do it, but most times probably not. I haven't 
bothered looking too deeply into the Tandy CM-5 because I have a working 
(and better dot pitch) CM-11. Currently I do have working Amiga monitors so 
I didn't see the need to pay for a broken NEC 3Ds.

By specialty I mean there are other people who know how to fix that kind of 
stuff better and I might have something they need in trade. Sometimes for 
commodity items swapping out a part is just easier and cheaper then fixing 
the old one. I have fixed TV's and LCD monitors before, mostly because the 
item was free, figuring out what was wrong was not that hard, parts were 
cheap, and I needed the unit for something and didn't want to go buy a new 
one. I will go out of my way to fix an older system (68K mac for example) 
but I don't like messing with CRT monitors.

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