yet another pdp-11 in fpga

Walter F.J. Mueller W.F.J.Mueller at
Fri Jul 23 14:19:51 CDT 2010

Walter F.J. Mueller <W.F.J.Mueller at> wrote on 21 Jun 2010 21:02:18 +0200
> I'm in the middle of homogenizing some internal interfaces and of some
> code cleanup, also the backend handler needs a re-write in C++ (currently
> perl). When that's done I'll make the whole package (VHDL sources, test 
> benches, backend) available on 'OpenCores'.

The PDP-11/70 core is now available at OpenCores, see,w11

The documentation is admittedly still rudimentary. The backend handler is
still in perl. This and many other things on the TODO list for the future.


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