N8VEM project with my son?

Gerhard Kreuzer gerhard.kreuzer at liftoff.at
Thu Jul 29 23:47:48 CDT 2010

Hi Tom,

Nice idea. 

Now lets think a moment, that your son fell in love with writing software
during your project.

You teach him pretty old stuff, so he find himself back in the 80's, and his
friend calling him 'grandpa'.....

Maybe it's a better approach to start out with modern equipment, I will give
you a link.

This is modern hardware, like boards built in the smartphones, you can
create pretty little apps and you almost learn something about hardware step
by step.

After that, your son finds himself in 2011 and if he look around for some
job, he will be welcome to companies. I think, he isn't that interesting for
companies, when he notes down 'Skills in Z80 Assembler and CP/M'. Maybe the
people there didn't know what he talking about ....

On the other hand, I grow up with pdp8, Z80 and CP/M, we build the very
first microprocessor based systems here in Austria as a very small company,
which I founded with a friend during my studies at university, so I like
this old stuff and I am a collector too and I also think, thats fine if
there were young people knowing to use this stuff, but as a jump start for a
main carrier, ....??

Look at:

Hardware, especially look for 'development systems'


 <http://www.ghielectronics.com/> http://www.ghielectronics.com/



With best regards



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