Greetings fellow classiccmp'ers

Jay West jwest at
Sat Jul 31 20:19:07 CDT 2010

After a long hiatus from the hobby, I'm making some attempts to get back into it. Even though I've been away from the hobby, several listmembers have my other (work) email addresses and have always called my attention to things when needed.

My jwest at email address went unopened though, and I've just started plowing through 22K (that's a count, not a size) of email. I am going to try to keep current on this address again, but to those who have my other email addresses by all means feel free to use them if something comes up and I don't respond quickly on this one.

I'd like to update the classiccmp server (OS, apache, mysql, & mailman) soon. To aid in that transition, I will probably temporarily migrate all the sites & list to one of our clusters, load the classiccmp server from scratch, and then migrate everything back. I'll keep the list posted when I start down that path.

I haven't touched anything classiccmp related in eons. While my beloved HP 21MX systems and DEC systems are all still pristine, categorized, and running - I have fallen fall short in the other areas of my collection (mostly lots of DG and one Microdata). I hope to focus on the DG side of my collection for a while and will no doubt be asking for help here as that's a completely new area for me. As always, if anyone needs any help with HP 21MX related items I'd be glad to help (as much as my rusty memory will allow).

I've also just skimmed back over the past couple months of the list traffic, and it's so good to still see all the familiar faces.


Jay West

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