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I checked out the Nook from Barnes & Noble, and it didn't impress me with its PDF rendering.  Of course, I can't check out a Kindle since they don't have a store, but that device doesn't have an SD slot (the Nook does).  Some of the devices demo'ed at CES sound interesting, and since I'm not in a burning-down-the-house hurry I'll just wait to see which of them actually makes it into the world.  That way I don't have to deal with the [deleted for reasons of good taste] at the Apple Store.  -- Ian 
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Why all this discussion about the iPad?  For the stated purpose
(reading PDFs) would not a similar-form-factor _designed specifically
for that purpose_ serve much better?  By now there are a bunch of
"e-readers" with e-ink displays - which one of those is currently best
for scanned PDFs (which is what in this context is the primary

I know that many of the current ones have (fairly) low pixel density
(thus bad for scanned text even if adequate for OCR'd documents) and
many suffer from bad PDF support; but I'd expect that at this stage
_someone_ has made one that is of a good size with high resolution.

At least most of these now support slapping an SD card full of files
into them, right?  This way you're not tied to a network (wireless or

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