6809 transistor count?

John Robertson pinball at telus.net
Tue Jun 1 01:16:35 CDT 2010

CSquared wrote:
> Ben wrote:
>> Dave McGuire wrote:
>>>    Can anyone tell me the approximate transistor count of the 6809?
>>>                 -Dave
>> Well for a ballpark figure I would double the 6800 transistor count.
>> 2x microcode rom & 2x registers.
>>  http://www.techheap.com/processors/6809/the_6809.pdf
>> I get about 40K transistors as ball park figure.
>> Ben.
> Thanks for that link; I love reading stuff like that.  I'll admit I've 
> not diligently researched all the possibilities, but of all the 
> 8-bitters I've ever encountered, the 6809 is definitely my favorite. 
> The only problem I have with that pdf file is, with my Foxit reader 
> anyway, all the pictures are blank.  I need to go try it with Adobe to 
> see if that matters.  Any one else have that problem?
> Later,
> Charlie C.
Blank as well on Preview under OSX 10.6 - first time I've ever seen 
that. Perhaps the original file is defective in some way...

John :-#(#

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