Down for the count [was RE: Anyone off to VCF-UK]

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Wed Jun 2 14:19:11 CDT 2010

Liam Proven [lproven at] wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 7:00 PM,  <arcarlini at> wrote:
>> I guess they'd at least be able cope with binary (at least for
>> sufficiently small numbers).
> Apparently not.

Let me try again ... they can do 00, they can do 01, then they get
That's "sufficiently small" in my book :-)

> missionaries. The Pirahã's strictly evidential approach to
> life - if you haven't seen it yourself, it's not real, more
> or less - has caused Everett to abandon his christianity and
> become a rational atheist (good for him!), but also their

One other thing I (think I) remember from the article is that it
is (apparently) impossible assert affect without also stating how
it is that you have knowledge of it: you can say (the equivalent
of) "I saw John leave" or "I've been told that John has left" but
you cannot say "John has left" without saying how it is you think
you know.

Perhaps we should hire them as politicians? (No expenses scandals :-))


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