Anyone off to VCF-UK

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jun 3 13:21:44 CDT 2010

> I cannot find the primary legislation, and I bet if I could I'd
> regret it :-)

I would be a lot happier if I knew what the law actually said...
> Apparently in the US the sales of alternatives (like rough service
> bulbs) are being
> monitored and action may be taken if sales go up too much. or maybe not,
> who knows.

Argh!. So perhaps we'd better not stock up on rough service bulbs...

> > And what on earth is the point of 'no more than 2 bulbs per
> > box', other
> > than to ensure the use of excessive packaging which will need to be
> > recylced. I thought they were trying to cut down waste, not
> > increase it...
> Same as the analgesics packaging rules: if you make it inconvenient
> to go around the rules, most people won't be bothered. Job done.

Err, no. As somebody pointed out, the laws on aspirin mean you have to 
take time to take an overdose, by which point you might get fed up and 
decide to take your life in some other way.

But nobody (that I know of) fits domestic light bulbs in bulk. They fit a 
new one when the old one fails. So extra pacakaging is not an 
inconvenience, it's just a wast.
> "We have to do it this way" never cuts much ice in these sorts
> of things, at least as far as I can see. Let's just be grateful
> that it is still available and that a lifetime's supply isn't
> really that hard to build up over time. (Who knows, they might
> be watching your spending habits ... I'm always amazed I can still
> buy Ferric Chloride ... it is a chemical after all :-))

So is sodium chloride, and I've had no problems buying that recently... 
But a lot of totally harmless checmicals are now very hard to get, which 
is a great pity...


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